Deze plugin heb ik niet meer in gebruik, soms vanwege verouderd zijn, soms omdat ik een betere vond, soms omdat ik de functionaliteit niet meer nodig had en ook wel omdat ik er niet goed uitkwam

Media File Manager

  1. Go to Dashboard → Settings → Media and uncheck “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”. So now every file you upload will be placed in “wp-content\uploads” [optional step, but recommended to find easily new uploads for moving to another folder].
  2. Install “Media File Manager” plugin.
  3. Go to Dashboard → Media → Media File Manager.

Here you can create all folders you wish to organize your contents. The two divided window is just for moving content between different folders, you create a folder in one side and it’ll be refreshed in both. Use two sides to navigate to current and destiny folders of your content, then use left or right arrow to move it, it’s easy!

Notice DB is updated also, so if for example you move an image you’re currently using elsewhere in your web, you’ll have to reselect this image from Media Library or it won’t appear in your web.

Lastig is alleen wel dat je toch gewoon moet uploaden en dan achteraf je bestand moet verplaatsen.