Al sinds 2011 niet meer onderhouden

Use jQuery CDN:
Loads the open source scripts jQuery and jQuery-migrate from jQuery’s CDN delivered by MAXCDN.

  • An extremely light plugin to load jquery and jquery migrate scripts from the CDN of the jQuery foundation that WordPress is a founding member.
  • It puts the jquery scripts in footer and not in the header as WordPress does.
  • It use https instead of http protocol.
  • It is issued by MAXCDN which is a platinum member of that foundation.It increases approximately 5% Page Speed ​​Grade on GTmetrix.
  • It accelerates the loading of at least 1 second.
  • It is written in 10 lines of code and weighs about 0.005 MB
  • It automatically detects the version of the script used by your theme and makes a request to it on MAXCDN.